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Welcome to MYTHOS, a cherished name in Leeds’ culinary landscape. Originally established as a takeaway in the vibrant Hyde Park area, our journey has now expanded to bring you an even richer experience. In 2023, we proudly opened MYTHOS Restaurant at Stainbeck Lane in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. This restaurant represents an exciting new chapter in our story, where we invite you to dine in and discover the true essence of Greek cuisine. Our warm and welcoming restaurant offers an inviting atmosphere to enjoy an authentic Greek dining experience. Whether you’re seeking the convenience of a delicious takeaway or the pleasure of a memorable dine-in meal, MYTHOS is your destination. Our dedicated chefs, inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Greece, craft mouthwatering dishes using only the finest ingredients.

  • Most of our meats are coming from local farms.
  • Almost everything else – apart from veggies – is coming from Greece
We’re here to make your special moments even more memorable. Allow us to host your birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations in our warm and inviting space
Why Mythos?

We Make every moment special

At MYTHOS, our commitment to authenticity, flavour, and hospitality sets us apart. We take pride in crafting every dish with care, using the finest ingredients to capture the essence of Greek cuisine. Our warm and inviting atmosphere welcomes you to a dining experience that’s both memorable and immersive.


At MYTHOS, our team of dedicated culinary specialists brings the rich flavours of Greece to your plate with passion and expertise.

With years of experience and a deep love for Greek cuisine, they craft each dish to perfection, ensuring every bite tells a story of tradition and taste.